Swiss engineered pumps since 1947.

Turo Vortex Pump: The Most Efficient Grit Pump

Fully Recessed “Vortex” Impeller

  • Egger’s 8 vane impeller designed to handle the rigors of pumping grit
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • 85% of the fluid never comes in contact with the impeller
  • Less Wear, Less Shear
  • Full port solids handling
  • Non-clog impeller design

Superior Hydraulic Efficiency

  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Twice our competitors efficiency
  • 1/2 the horsepower

Designed for Longer Life

  • Axial Spiral Casing design helps channel flow thru pump and reduce wear causing recirculation
  • Fully Recessed – 85% of fluid never contacts impeller
  • Impeller is centered in casing to reduce radial thrust loads
  • Smaller “cut-water” helps to balance radial thrusts

Let us help you choose the right pump for your application.

Design Guidelines: Grit Pumping and Piping Systems

• Keep suction piping as short as possible, approximately 10 to 15 feet.
• Pipe line velocity: 6 to 8 fps (feet per second)
• Provide cleanouts and flushing connections
• Avoid the use of check valves
• Use full port pinch valves for isolation
• Use hardened metal fully recessed “vortex” impeller pumps
• Use pumps having flushed mechanical seals or flush-less hydrodynamic seals


Materials of Construction

 Abrasion resistant construction

  • ASTM 536 White Iron materials
  • 316 Stainless steel shaft sleeve
  • Seals include: single, double, tandem, or Hydrodynamic slurry seal

Available Sizes

  • Size: 1 ¼ to 8 inch
  • Flows: 20 to 2220 gpm
  • Differential Head: up to 460 feet
  • Pressures: up to 440 psig
  • Temperatures: up to 355 deg. F

• Use 4.0 inch (100 mm) minimum diameter piping
• Use a piping system which is abrasion resistant like glass lines ductile
• Use long radius 90 or 45-degree elbows or bends
• Use dedicated suction and discharge piping runs for multiple pumps


Engineering Specifications




Recessed Pump Technology Good Enough to Pump a Chain

Self Cleaning Impeller


We can handle your toughest pumping applications.

The Best Pump Solution For Your Application

At Egger, we strive to reduce your operations budget by supplying our pump technology which has the lowest life cycle cost available. Factors affecting life cycle cost include initial purchase price, maintenance over the life of the pump, and energy consumed.

1947: Swiss Engineered Pumps

EGGER, founded by Mr. Emile Egger, is an independent family-owned Swiss pump manufacturer specializing in handling solids and aerated liquids.

A key quality feature is that the whole production process – from development through functional testing – is carried out in-house under controlled conditions by 350 skilled employees.
Thanks to the contribution of each member of our team, we have succeeded in maintaining our excellent level of quality; the highest even by typical Swiss standards.

Our unique background has been achieved by our ability to identify with and listen to each of our business partners. These partners have many different specific needs, however, all can be sure of
one thing: EGGER has the unique solution for them.

“Many technologies are used for pumping grit including rotary lobe, progressing cavity, centrifugal, dual disc and piston plunger. Let me demonstrate why Egger’s Recessed Impeller Technology is superior to all.”

Paul Nelsen, B.S.M.E., MBA


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