In the old days, antiquated grit pump technologies were designed using a cup-style impeller which included a rim around the outside diameter or circumference of the impeller. This style impeller cannot be trimmed and requires use of v-belts to change the pump speed to adjust the discharge head pressure or flow.

Egger’s Advanced Technology “Turo” pump design allows trimming of the impeller to exactly match your design flow & pressure eliminating the need for high maintenance & inefficient belt drives.

Other Turo Advantages include:

  • Turo’s design is typically twice the efficiency and ½ the horsepower of the cupped impeller design
  • Turo’s impeller is Fully Recessed with 15 percent of the abrasive pumpage coming in contact with the impeller
  • Turo’s impeller sits behind flow in its own separate cavity or casing helping to create a true vortex
  • Turo’s impeller has rear pump-out vanes help to keep our mechanical seal clean & flushed
  • Turo’s impeller has no “rim” which means it can be trimmed to meet your desired flow rate & pressure
  • Turo’s impeller runs at lower “Tip Speeds” while running at synchronous speeds (1150 & 1750 rpms)
  • Turo’s impeller is centered in the pump casing resulting in ¼ the radial load of a traditional pump casing design
  • Turo’s centerline casing offers self-venting operation without the need for an air-release valve
  • Turo’s patented “Axial Spiral” minimizes suction and discharge recirculation greatly reducing wear
  • Turo’s compact design can be mounted horizontally or vertically, close or long coupled
  • Turo’s design works perfectly with VFD’s (Variable Frequency Drives)
  • Turo’s standard flush-less, dry-running seal mounts two single mechanical seals in tandem with an oil quench

Please refer to Egger’s FACT Sheet with 12 Reasons why Egger Turo pump is the better solution for pumping grit.