Maintenance-free vertically installed Turo® Vortex Pump in the Gelsenkirchen pumping station. The Eurodyn® hydrodynamic shaft seal operates without friction and wear and is characterised by a very high level of operational reliability.

The Emscher Wastewater Canal (AKE), the centrepiece of the project “Wastewater Free Emscher”

In the Ruhr Area between the cities of Dortmund and Dinslaken, parallel to the Emscher river, the new 51 km long Emscher sewer has been built to receive the wastewater of 2.26 million residents and industry. As the largest water management construction project in Europe, the Emscher, formerly used as an open sewer, will in future be free of wastewater. Three huge pumping stations in Gelsenkirchen, Bottrop and Oberhausen as well as more than 100 shaft structures are needed to operate the gigantic sewer. The impressive shafts have diameters of between 7 and 22 m and are between 10 and 40 m deep.

construction site of the Bottrop pumping station

The construction site of the Bottrop pumping station on the grounds of the Bottrop sewage treatment plant in 2016.
Picture: Rupert Oberhäuser/EGLV

Pumping stations with vertically installed Turo® Vortex pumps

The pumping stations contain individual wastewater chambers that have to be pumped over or emptied as needed. For this purpose, two space-saving vertical Turo® Vortex pumps are installed in each of the three pumping stations. Since the residual water usually contains a high content of solids and fibres, these pumps, with open spherical channel of 180 mm (Gelsenkirchen and Bottrop) or 100 mm (Oberhausen) and a fully recessed vortex impeller, are ideally suited.

Renatured, wastewater free river course.

Renatured, wastewater free river course. Picture: EGLV

The Emscher sewer, which runs parallel to the Emscher for about 50 km, collects the wastewater along its route. The pumping stations are needed to raise the wastewater coming from the eastern catchment area to a higher level, from where it reaches the wastewater treatment plants of the Emscher-genossenschaft.


Emile Egger & Co. GmbH, based in Mannheim, is particularly pleased to contribute to this exceptional construction project.